“As always, you created an atmosphere that made it easy to trust you and everyone with our thoughts and our writing, to say nothing about the sheer fun of it all! It felt like everyone was able to access a whole level of creativity that they didn’t know they had! I know I did.”- Workshop Organiser

There’s something magic about a group of people writing and taking risks on the page together – whether it be established writers or those who feel stifled by academia or business people. It’s why I love designing and facilitating writing workshops

For this reason, I’m not interested in helping someone polish one perfectly boring but stylistically correct poem. What I like best is when someone realises that they are writing pieces that matter to them in their own authentic voice. Every day. And that it can be fun, even if sometimes it involves taking risks. Actually, it always does.

Luckily they come back for more.

Not least because it can be fun proving wrong that primary school teacher who said that neat handwriting is what matters most.

At the moment, I am running a number of commissioned workshops for groups ranging from school-disaffected adolescent girls, to members of a major law firm, and also to PhD students at the London School of Economics and Political Science! I have taught in England, France and America.

Do contact me if you would like me to run a workshop for your group, festival or workplace. We can talk further about specific needs and results too – this doesn’t need to just be fun (although it will be). I’ve seen just how dramatic the results of improving creative writing can be in the workplace.

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