I am an accredited Relational Dynamics Coach, and work with a limited number of clients on a one-to-one basis both face to face and over the telephone. I like nothing better than people who say they are creatively blocked, disorganised, drowning in chaos, stressed and/or don’t know which way to turn. I particularly like people who are DETERMINED that they are not creative, and even get cross with me. So let’s get rid of the rubbish and make some magic together!

‘Rather like having your own personal organiser for your thoughts – such a luxury :) SB

Contact me for more information, and a preliminary 20 minute Skype call, on sarahsalway @


One thought on “Coaching

  1. Hi,
    I really REALLY want to be a poet. I was part of one resultant book from a local poem competition and I simply cannot stop writing now!
    I believe I am starting to think in poetry!! I may sound quite crazy but i feel that every poetry competition I enter doesn’t have any young entrants any more and I fear that overtime people may forget this art altogether.
    I would like some help in overall development of my ideas in poetry before I begin publishing for a career.
    Oh it’s a comments box… I probably wrote too much :s

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