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Talk to me about

* Workshops
* Public Commissions
* Stories from the Garden
* Coaching
* Readings

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Some themes we could work with include:

  • Reclaiming a sense of place
  • Writing your autobiography
  • Breathing life into ‘boring’ writing
  • Finishing your novel
  • Starting your novel
  • Kick-starting creativity
  • Using Social Media without it taking over your life
  • Reading and writing poetry

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You can write to me here: sarahsalway @ (but without the spaces!) to talk further, or to be put on my mailing list for future courses or coaching spaces.

For professional queries about my writing, contact my agent, Annette Green Authors’ Agency.

One thought on “Work With Me

  1. Hello, I write for an environmental web magazine, I would like to do a piece on the chelsea fringe and include your poetry readings.
    Could I use the photo of the jeep with the chelsea fringe sign on it? I would giveyou full credit…
    Thank you,
    Bonnie Alter

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