Who I’ve Been Reading

One of the great joys of having a website is the chance to SHOUT about all the great writers there are, many of whom have become my friends. On here you can find out a little about not just¬†writers you already know but hopefully others you will now discover. Just click on the names below to read each individual post…

* Bettina Cassidy

* Christopher Cassidy

* Marilyn Donovan

* Gary Studley

* Martin Latham

* Steve Walter

* Samuel Marlow

* Steve Matthews

* Nina Bell

* Derek Sellen

* Mary Hamer

* Sonia Overall

* Clare Grant

* Lesley Cookman

* Rachael Hale

* Dan Simpson

* Danny Rhodes

* Luigi Marchini

* Maria C McCarthy

* Geraldine Paine

* Will Gould

* Sam Russell

* Lynne Rees

* Susan Wicks

* Vicky Wilson

* Maggie Harris

* Peggy Riley

* Abegail Morley

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Who I’ve Been Reading