Who I’ve Been Reading

One of the great joys of having a website is the chance to SHOUT about all the great writers there are, many of whom have become my friends. On here you can find out a little about not just writers you already know but hopefully others you will now discover. Just click on the names below to read each individual post…

* Bettina Cassidy

* Christopher Cassidy

* Marilyn Donovan

* Gary Studley

* Martin Latham

* Steve Walter

* Samuel Marlow

* Steve Matthews

* Nina Bell

* Derek Sellen

* Mary Hamer

* Sonia Overall

* Clare Grant

* Lesley Cookman

* Rachael Hale

* Dan Simpson

* Danny Rhodes

* Luigi Marchini

* Maria C McCarthy

* Geraldine Paine

* Will Gould

* Sam Russell

* Lynne Rees

* Susan Wicks

* Vicky Wilson

* Maggie Harris

* Peggy Riley

* Abegail Morley

2 thoughts on “Who I’ve Been Reading

  1. Hello Sarah,

    We at Whitstable Women Writers invite you to our following event.

    Press Release: Whitstable Women Writers Publish Their Anthology, Place

    The Whitstable Women Writers, a group of local creatives with a passion for the written word, will publish their anthology, Place, on the 6th October 2012.
    The group, which has been involved in the Whitstable Oyster Festival, public readings of their work, open-mic nights and writing workshops in the town, have pulled together an eclectic mix of essays and poems on what place (or plaice!) means to each contributor. There is something for everyone as styles include humorous poetry, children’s fiction, chick-lit as well as literary poetry and prose (with some mild adult content).
    Brought together by enthusiasm for language and a compulsion to write they meet monthly when members bring along work-in-progress for constructive criticism and group discussion.
    The group, founded ten years ago, has gone from strength to strength. This is the Whitstable Women Writers’ first anthology but with the volume of first-class writing being turned out by the group it certainly won’t be their last.
    The launch party will be held at 7.30pm on Saturday 6th October 2012 at the Whitstable Labour Club in Belmont Road and will also feature the Horsebridge Singers and an open-mic session.

    To order copies at £3 each, enquire about joining,
    or to book your place at the launch party please contact

  2. Hello Lydia, and thanks for this. I’m afraid I will be away on the 6th, but have emailed you about getting my very own copy! Good luck with your evening. Sarah

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