I’m so pleased you are here. Cake?

2014 dake

I’m a writer – the author of three novels, two poetry collections and a short story collection. If you’d like to read me, look here.


And I also teach writing because I love it. I’ve taught – and still teach – in universities, in gardens, in smart hotels, in car parks, in museums, and in tents. I have been running my own classes in my home for the last ten years, there’s a waiting list for these so do let me know if you would like to join us. I’m particularly proud that over the last year alone, my students have finished novels, poetry collections, been published for the first time, or multi-times, won competitions, put on plays or just enjoyed writing for no other reason than the pleasure of it.

Do you know what I’d like? I’d love to see writing groups springing up all over the country in the same way book groups did. Where people can get together and just play with the written word. No pressure, no assessments, but just lots of fun. We’d FEEL the words….


Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So I have plans, and I hope you’ll come back to find out more. But in the meantime, feel free to browse my site. Have a read of my blog, try some writing exercises, and I’d love to sign one of my books for you to read!