The Muse List

Here are some sites I love. I’ll add more as I go, so please keep checking back. There’s a deliberate mix going on here of friends, or creative blasts, and solid information. Click on something new and see where it takes you!

Vicky Wilson, poet, educator and word activist!

My ‘bookshelf’ of recommended writing books and DVDs

Photographer Ellen Montelius – every time I look at these pictures, a different story comes to my mind.

Speechbubble Books – that very fine writer-led publishing venture

Smokelong’s amazing list of literary magazines

Tiny Circus, animation and community art at its best

Book cover joy

… And some typographical pleasure while we’re at it

Where I keep my to-do lists

Neil Gaiman, the master writer

The Short Story Review

Susannah Conway


Mslexia Magazine

Wabi-sabi Daily

The Society of Authors

Kris’s Color Stripes

Arvon Foundation – residential writing courses

Three Beautiful Things

The Poetry Library

The Paris Review Interviews online

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The Muse List