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Writing in your swimsuit

As an ex-fashion student, I’m already convinced that the clothes we wear have an impact on how we feel. It’s an interesting dilemma these days when I write mostly from home and don’t need to make any attempt to impress. … Continue reading

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Armchair exploring, part 2 – Czech Republic and Norway

Who on earth arranged this travel itinerary??? Geez, you could almost believe I didn’t do very well at geography in school. 1. First stop on this whizz-bang tour is The Czech Republic. HOW I CAME TO KNOW FISH by Ota … Continue reading

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Reading My Way Around the World in 2015

It’s like a New Year quiz. How many countries in the world are there?? Well, here’s a thing. No one is quite sure. But I’m going to go round the world in 2015. Not really of course. Better than that. … Continue reading

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Happy holidays!

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Sharing confidences like this is our last night alive….

There has been something special about nearly every writing group I’ve been part of, or indeed led. Often I won’t even know the ‘normal’ facts about the other writers – whether they are married, what job they do, how many … Continue reading

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Sharing ideas and stepping outside your comfort zone…

The subject line of this post is a quote from the application of Francesca Stocker, the new Poet Laureate of Bendenden School. Here she is with Abegail Morley. I was lucky enough to judge the competition this year, and announce … Continue reading

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Hidden messages and what’s your weirdness standard?

It was probably hard to avoid the launch of William Gibson’s book, The Peripheral in London this week even if you wanted to. From Start the Week to the 30th anniversary of Neuromancer, a book, he said, he had little … Continue reading

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On our most recent WW1 Writers’ Trip to the Somme, I tried to deal with the overwhelming grief of seeing gravestone after gravestone by concentrating on the individual scripts written on each headstone. It was heartbreaking how much personality can … Continue reading

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Snapshots from the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival

Given that I’ve finally managed to immerse myself into writing my fourth novel, it could have been a strange time to experience my first ever Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. But so many people have raved about it over the years and … Continue reading

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Rhinos, Submissions and Picnics…

Put seven writers together with a list of literary magazines and journals, lots of inspiration, chocolate biscuits and a delicious home-made cake, and – voila! – I’m pleased to have hosted the first Submissions Picnic yesterday as part of my … Continue reading

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