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24 hour blogging

I found the novelist Clare Dudman’s account of her (nearly) 24 hour blog weirdly fascinating yesterday. I particularly liked this paragraph about the reaction of her teenage son:

According to Hodmandod Minor the act of blogging in itself is tragically sad and embarrassing – but this experiment of mine today has, to be frank (and he always is), has plumbed new depths.

‘No offence.’ He says. Finally.

It’s made me think about the average age of bloggers – how many teenagers are there out there ‘doing it’? I can’t think of many – my daughter started a blog when I did, but got bored after her first entry, whereas I’ve kept on. And on. And on. Or is it just that the over-twenty-fives (and much over) aren’t reading teenage blogs, or linking to them? Perhaps it is all ‘tragically sad’ and blogging is the new equivalent of getting everyone up on the dance floor as soon as ‘some decent music’ comes on just so you can strut your (much more considerable these days) stuff.

Oh but hey, we’re still allowed some fun, aren’t we? And we’re not doing that much harm, tucked away in our little corner of the dance floor. After all, it’s keeping us off Facebook and Myspace where we could really let ourselves go. OI!! WATCH THOSE FLAILING ARMS, GRANDDAD!!!!!!

And I’d happily do Clare’s experiment myself, except I’d reveal just how many games of solitaire I play in the average day.


For a long time now, I’ve got pleasure from the number of crafty and inspirational blogs there are around. I don’t know why but I always presumed the writers of these domestic gems would be the last people to embrace technology, but perhaps blogs are now the equivalent of the traditional country diary. There must be plenty of research going on about the writers of blogs, but I wonder how many there are on the readers. Are they mostly people like me, who buy intricate cookery books, knowing I might never cook any of the recipes but still enjoy reading them avidly (and hungrily)? Anyway, recently I’ve been noticing an interest in colour. As well as Karen’s beautiful blog, two special mentions go to this Superhero guide to a colourful business but maybe my first stop should be this guide to colour basics.

Writing prompt 8-2007= Red