Voices – a 50 word photo-story

They follow you everywhere. Even when you’re walking down the street. They don’t even throw their voices any more. Or use that secret door into your brain. The joke is that it’s all so simple. No hidden technology. But how will you explain? That’s what they ask. Over and over.

More 50 word photostories here. Do feel free to join in with your own version from this photo in the comments section.

Travelling – a 50 word photostory

He goes straight to the destination, and shouts at his wife for focusing too much on the journey. Soon she doesn’t bother with how he’ll get to places. Not her problem. Before long he stands outside the divorce court, puzzling over how, when, why. She waves from a passing bus.

(I used to do these Fifty word stories the whole time. It’s like doing the crossword warms up thinking muscles – spotting something interesting, taking the photographs and letting the story drift up, then cutting back to JUST 50 words is a form of exercising my story-making skills. It’s been too long!)

Taking Things Too Far – a 50 word photostory

When I said I hated domesticity, he cleared our kitchen completely. We ate takeaway pizzas on the floor, laughing as we picked out the plaster dust, and I let him sweep me off to the bed he’d covered in newspaper. Afterwards I watered the roses. Tried to ignore his smile.

These 50 word photostories are something I’ve been doing a while. I normally write them – to this very limited word count – to accompany something I’ve spotted as I’ve been out and about, and which has triggered a little story for me. That’s one of the reasons I call them Snaps. You’re very welcome to join in – either on your own blog and link here, or by putting your story in the comments column. You can read more here – here