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One thing I’m loving from my 2013 resolution to listen to new music (to me) every week is how I’m finding a different way to discover each new piece of music. I’m very happy, for instance, to now be exchanging music with the writer, Dan Powell so do shout if you’d like to do a swap with me too.

But this week’s CD came via a very unlikely route – a TED talk. Here’s Natalie Merchant introducing herself!

I can’t recommend Leave Your Sleep highly enough – apparently it began as a record for children, and yet there’s a lyrical soothing rhythm to it that makes it perfect for writing to. Interesting! Plus the more I looked into it, the more fascinating to became to think about the process involved for Natalie to make this music.

4 thoughts on “CD of the week(ish)”

  1. Natalie’s album Tigerlily is one of my all time favourites – her voice is simply beautiful.

    I’ll have a sniff about and see if I’ve got anything suitable to swap with you Sarah – that is if you’re willing to risk it again after the last time I sent you a CD!?

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CD of the week(ish)