Five Sentences with … Sarah Butler

Now the sharp eyed amongst you will notice we’ve already had a Sarah Butler up here, but that was SJ Butler, this is Sarah Butler… keep up. And yes, I’m biased. I love a Sarah or two, or many…

Ah but the Sarah party was a GOOD DAY!

Anyway good to have a mini-Sarah-fest here, especially as Sarah Butler has written a brilliant book. Ten Things I’ve Learnt About Love is inventive and passionate, it made me cry, made me laugh and made me fall even more deeply in love than ever with London. Just look at the Pinterest board for the novel to get some of the atmosphere that comes off so well from the pages.*

And great cover too.

And perhaps it’s not surprising that Sarah is so good at place, because she runs the consultancy, Urban Words, which manages the website, A Place For Words amongst much else to do with creative writing and regeneration.

So, even if she hadn’t written such a great book, it would be a pleasure to welcome Sarah on to the site. And here are her sentences…

When you were small, you wanted to … be a writer, and a ballet dancer – one out of two isn’t bad I reckon…

The one thing you can never resist is … buying notebooks. I buy considerably more than I fill…

You may not say it aloud but…
My partner reckons there’s no filter between my brain and my mouth – I pretty much say everything that’s in there!

The last time you went ‘WOOP’ with excitement was … when I went to Mackays printers to see my novel come off the press – there was a bit of a gulp and a sniff in there too.

Your five favourite words are ….

gin and tonic


Thank you, Sarah!

I tried to find you a gin and tonic drinking ballet dancer as a present, but he kept falling over so here’s something exciting.

Gin and tonic soap. Now you can carry the scent of it with you all day. Especially when you’re dancing….

* I think Pinterest boards are a fascinating insight into how authors work visually – I look forward to more. I’m currently doing a private one for my new book because it’s still a baby and a little shy.

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Five Sentences with … Sarah Butler