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Every new year we have this little routine in our family whereby we all make resolutions for each other. Not the ‘lose weight, do better’ things, or even brush your hair every day, but mostly about trying something new. One of mine this year is to listen to a new CD every week, so I thought I’d record these on here – not least to prove I have done it!

This week is Mecoustic by Tarrus Riley, something I would never normally pick up and certainly my first Reggae album ever. Surprisingly beautiful and stripped back. And haunting to write to.

Now, I can get music from my library and I’m relying on stealing my kid’s collections too, but I’m aware that even so, 52 CDs is A LOT. So… if there is anyone reading who wants to consider CD swaps, then do contact me or leave a message below. Probably better to stick to the UK for postage etc. All genres considered – and if we do a mystery package, rather than picking and choosing then it’ll be a fine way to find new music too.

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  1. Hi Sarah. Sounds like a very cool resolution. I’d be happy to do a swap. As I buy most my stuff digitally I’d have to burn you a CD to listen to or email the files. I do have something in mind. The first album I have bought this year has yet to leave the Now Playing tab of my iPod.

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