Five Sentences with… SJ Butler

Exciting times for this series… I’m branching out from Kent and putting a toe over the border to Sussex. Not far though. Groombridge in fact, where the writer SJ Butler lives.

SJ is a freelance copywriter by day, and under cover of night writes short fiction. She was also was one of my big supports for the Garden evening during this year’s Canterbury Festival. Here she is, striding across the stage Vita Sackville-West style:

And here are her sentences:

When you were small, you wanted to … be a hero who saved people in dramatic and daring ways, or maybe an astronaut. I was blissfully unaware of the possible double hindrances of being extremely shortsighted and female.

The one thing you can never resist is …
a friend offering good coffee and chocolate.

You may not say it aloud but…
I love watching Take Me Out on a Saturday night, cat on lap, beer in hand, family either side.

The last time you went ‘WOOP’ with excitement was …
last week, when I beat my 19-year-old son at Burnout Revenge. I’ve never played it before, but it was BRILLIANT fun, and he was really stunned (to be fair, he’d been up doing coursework all night, so his reaction times might have been a bit off, but I swore much better than he did, so I reckon that was what did it).

Your five favourite words are ….

mellifluous (mmm, I love ‘m’ words)

Favourite writing place in Kent: when I’m distracted, Café Ismail’s ideal – great coffee and just enough background noise to make me concentrate

A book about Kent or by a Kent writer you would recommend: Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban – an awesome, risky book that I’ve bought three times now because I keep giving my copy away.


Thank you, Sarah. And as traditional now here’s a little present for coming on here….

A female chocolate superhero… (sort of). I bet you weren’t expecting that!

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Five Sentences with… SJ Butler