My Most Beautiful Thing

Let me start first with two very beautiful things….

My children, of course.

But the older they get…

… the more I realise that the joy I get from them comes from the fact they are not ‘mine’ anymore, but all their own people. They have outgrown me in more ways than just height!

… and although that’s a beautiful thing in itself, I have chosen something else for MY MOST BEAUTIFUL THING in Fiona’s beautiful blogsplash today…

… which is the little bit of our spirit, wherever we live, whoever we are, that gets solace and inspiration from being in nature. And although there has been much written about ‘real nature’, what’s particularly beautiful for me are the ‘green homes’ we also make for ourselves in the middle of cities and towns…

… and all the caretakers – gardeners, councillors, local activists – who take our need for these ‘homes’ seriously enough to keep them in order…

… so that in the middle of an extremely public space, we can find our own private spots…

… and sometimes share that memory for ever

Thank you to Fiona Robyn for letting me join in the blogsplash. You can find other beautiful things through her page, and you can also read Fiona’s wonderful novel here. It’s free today, but worth paying for at any time!

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My Most Beautiful Thing