To celebrate the publication of my poetry collection, YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SELF-HELP BOOK, a number of lovely bloggers have agreed to let me come on to their websites to read them (and you!) a different poem from the book.

So I will be popping up all over the place this coming week.

The Virtual Poetry Reading kicks off tomorrow with the poem Love and Stationery at Tania Hershman’s and Different Lives at Danuta Kean’s, and ends, appropriately, with the poem, Extinction, at Me and My Big Mouth’s on 1st March.

There are lots of lovely stops along the way, and I hope you will join me at them, let me pour you a glass of red wine and admire your black polo neck jumper. I should say I have never been to a real poetry reading like that, but somehow I can’t get that picture out of my head.

And besides can’t you just imagine my girl on the front cover growing up to do exactly that? One day I am going to transcribe the poem she is obviously writing.

May she go well into the world, and to start off the reading, here’s Over the Edge

Over the Edge by Sarah Salway (mp3)

Please join me tomorrow for more poems here and here and at these stops along the way:

The Virtual Poetry Reading Tour for YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SELF-HELP BOOK:

26th February:

Tania Hershman
Danuta Kean

27th February:

Lia Leendertz (the inspiration behind my poem, The Interruption!)
Nik Perring

28th Feburary:

Alice Elliott Dark
Caroline Smailes

29th February:

Susannah Conway

1st March:

Fiona Robyn
Me and My Big Mouth

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