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Gwen Bell has the best post I’ve seen about creating a personal manifesto. I’ll share mine, and if anyone else wants to share theirs it would be great to see!

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1. Learn Origami

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4 Responses to RESOLUTIONS FOR 2010

  1. Ann Elle Altman says:

    I love this idea you're doing. I might just make some goals of my own.


  2. Catherine says:

    I resolve to read your blog more often, Sarah, because it's always so delightful, inspires me and cheers me up! Merry Christmas and carry on blogging.

  3. Sarah Salway says:

    Do, Ann, and I'll watch with interest. Podcasting is a pretty huge step though!

    Rachel, your post is wonderful. A real poem. And number nine is lovely.

    And thanks, Catherine. Will do!

    A merry Christmas and peaceful new year to you all.

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