So, yesterday was a day to give myself up to making snow angels – see what a natural I am here …

(modest too.)

But last night I got all worried about driving through to Canterbury for my weekly tutorials. I hummed and hawed so many times before rousing what little pioneer spirit I have, packing my thermos and rug, and finally setting off. I needn’t have worried. Once past my house, the roads were clear, and the snow drifts got fewer and fewer until by the time I got to the university campus there was only a few remains of snowstudents to be seen.

Because I’d left so much time before my first appointment, I decided to walk the university’s newish labyrinth. It doesn’t look much at first, to be honest – a snaking brick path amongst the turf,

oh but see the view …

However, no time for that. I set off, eyes down, aiming straight for the centre.

This is easy if a bit pointless, I thought. Time for a coffee at least before class. But then the path veered off to the edge, and then off again, so I had to give myself over to walking a circle looping back in and out again and then again, before I made my way – strangely reluctant now – to the middle.

There as if in celebration was an old sports sock – this is a university after all, anyone else noticed how there are always stray sports socks hanging around on campus? –

but the experience was worth much more than that. I stood still for a long while, calmed down, being present, happy now that I hadn’t rushed straight for the goal. And then I walked it all again, much much slower now, back to the beginning. Time seemed to stand still which was a gift in itself.

(And then the students all produced exciting and interesting work, which was yet another gift! I credit the angel… you must admit, she is rather fine.)